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I just want to confirm what I think I have learned about customizing Komodo Edit.
So please, if you are 100% sure, I appreciate you letting me know.

Customization - no additional toolbars are possible? Just the one built-in - correct?
Adding toolbar icons is only possible by using the scripting capability, and not just making a menu item appear on the toolbar??
The background color for selected toolbar icons is always black - no way to make it more appropriate for dark themes? (I gotta be missing something on this one but I have yet to find it)

PS: As my subject suggests, I find the restrictions of this forum, just absurd.

  1. Custom toolbar items and menus ARE possible. i linked the docs in another post you created.
  2. This is answered by 1.
  3. The UI can be customized using Tools > Color Scheme Editor: In the left drop down select Interface then look for Toolbar.

A forum post title of less than 10 characters is not going to be informative of the requests within the thread so I appreciate the restriction provided by Discourse.

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