Tool for handling html files batchwise

Komodo is great for my current workflow of tweaking html files. But to speak frankly, it’s difficult to find enough official help information sometimes.

I wonder what’s the industry-standard tool for handling large amount of html files. I mean something like Microsoft Word with VBA for doc files. Not sure whether here is the right place for such a question.


I’m not really sure how to answer this. I’m not sure what you’re trying to do or what documentation we’re lacking other than the Regex issue we came across. I believe any response I’ve provided is already found in our documentation. I should probably accompany my response with doc links I suppose.

I’m not sure what your workflow is so I’m not sure what you’re missing in Komodo. Komodo full supports working with HTML files. If you could clarify your work flow I might be able to point you at the tooling you need in Komodo.

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Hi @careyh Thank you for your reply!

Maybe I have some misunderstanding about Komodo’s role in my workflow.

It seems that Komodo specific APIs are a small set, and the capability of Komodo scripts is basically not limited by those Komodo APIs, but by the JS or Python subset supported by Komodo. (1) Is this correct?

According to your description of the regex limitation, " we’re running on Mozilla under the hood and an out dated version." (2) If I switch to Python script, are ALL capabilities of the latest Python version usable in Komodo script?

(3) Is it possible to force all the macros being recorded in Python?

I myself wrote many scripts in Komodo and assign them buttons in Komodo toolbar. Thus my Komodo looks a little like a unique Microsoft Word version for handling html files. Maybe it’s not a good practice to rely on Komodo scripts so heavily. And maybe the right use of Komodo is as a manager of many independant Python/JS projects, but not as an integrator of many Python/JS scripts. (4) Is this correct?


Morning @surfactant
Thanks for the details!

  1. This is correct. I would add that the Komodo SDK is quite extensive though. Here’s the docs. See the Reference section:

  2. Komodo runs on Python 2.7 so you would have all the capabilities of that release in a Userscript you created and set as Python. You’ll find that info in the Komodo Change log. Looks like we updated it from 2.6 to 2.7 for Komodo 8.

  3. No unfortunately. The recording system is all in JS.

  4. This is the exact intent of Komodo! That’s awesome you’ve made such extensive use of the scripting system in Komodo. We’ve put a ton of time and energy into make Komodo extremely customizable in all respects (UI/UX, code base). Being objective about it, customizing software extensively can raise issue later as your tools won’t directly be supported by the developer and things could change in the underlying system that might break them.
    I can say that breaking changes won’t be happening any time soon if at all and we’re always here to help you with issues that might arise with your customization.
    I definitely wouldn’t say it’s bad practice!

Does that address your concern/questions?

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Hi @careyh Very clear-cut answers. Thank you!

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