TLS Version Problem


I’m trying to connect with a remote server at my ISP and I am getting the following error from Komodo edit (9.2.0):

[JavaScript Application]
Error: ‘_ssl.c:504: EOF occurred in violation of protocol’

My ISP says: “It appears that this is due to the version of TLS that your FTP client is using TLS 1.0. Try changing the TLS version to 1.1 or 1.2”

I’m having trouble figuring out how to do that on Komodo.

I’m on a Mac (Yosemite). I also have the latest version of Java (if that mattters).



From the Komodo Log:

[2015-08-11 19:41:26,901] [ERROR] koFTPSConnection: FTPS do_openSocket ERROR: _ssl.c:504: EOF occurred in violation of protocol

Unfortunately there’s no way to switch TLS versions, assuming that is indeed the problem. Please consider filing an enhancement request: