Thoughts from a new user

I bought a licence for Komodo recently, because my new job dictated that I do javascript and php development.
I just wanted to say that I have absolutely no regrets. Before I was using Aptana, but it lacked the subversion support, so I made the switch and it was a great move. The ability to move between projects, seamlessly, and commit updates from with the ide is amazing.
The only thing I would change, is the ability to split the view to side by side, as opposed to over and under.

Well done to the guys at ActiveState. Great product

Glad you like it! FYI you can rotate the view with View > Rotate Split View.

Thanks Nathan, I hadn’t spotted that. Just what I needed

Same here. I got mine just a couple months ago and I love it. I’m still getting warmed up to it, but wish I found it years ago.

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