This line does not end with the expected EOL: 'CRLF'

I’m using Komodo IDE 8.5.3 on Windows 7.

The first time I’ve tried “Replace in Files” with the “Multiline” option, it has inserted Linux-style line feeds in the middle of a few dozen Windows-style PHP files. It seems to happen even if I manually type the line feed in the dialogue.

Is it a known issue? Is there a fix? Is there a workaround?

(I understand there’s no way to batch-fix line feeds from Komodo itself, is there?)

P.S. In the new forum, you are not allowed to use the clipboard on the subject line. I wonder if it’s a bug or a feature…

Have you tried playing with the Internationalization Preferences? Komodo should automatically pick up on the encoding of your files, but it may be that your files are throwing Komodo off for one reason or another.

As for your p.s. - I agree that’s a bit annoying, I’ve started a topic for it on the Discourse forums.

Hmmm… Line-ending options are not even there—they are at “New Files/ Specify the end-of-line (EOL) indicator for newly create files” and in “File Preferences/ Line Endings”. I have “\r\n” everywhere.

Is it possible that Komodo does not even attempt to autodetect EOL on batch replace?

Could you let us know exactly what steps you take for this issue to occur? So that we can try to reproduce it.

  1. Create a project with some files that use Windows line-endings and a common text, e.g.:

     // Test
  2. Go to “Edit/ Replace in Files”

  3. Enable “Multiline”

  4. Find what:

     // Test
  5. Replace with:

     // Foo
     // Bar
  6. Replace All

  7. Open one of the files. You’ll find a // Foo\n// Bar instead of // Foo\r\n// Bar

Thanks kAlvaro, we’ll dig into it.

I’m experiencing the same isuue about EOL markers being replaced by Find and Replace in Komodo Edit 9, however in Komodo Edit 7 it does not happen.

Besides, the Find and Replace interface is more user friendly to me, it opens in a separate window and I can copy/paste the code without the dialog box closing, even if I change from one tab with a file opened to another tab with another file.