The unified button menu, shortcut key?

What is the shortcut key for the unified button menu at the top right in Komodo 9 IDE?

– Peter

Ctrl+Shift+O, or Cmd+Shift+O if you are on OSX.

If you want to open it from your toolbar you can set up a shortcut under Prefs > Key Bindings, search for “Commando: Focus on Go To Anything”

I meant this little thingy (in yellow):

I know about the “commando” shortcut. But anyway it does not work for me. The thingy is not very useful without a shortcut key.

– Peter

You can press Alt to access your menubar items. You can also use the Commando “commands” scope to access all menu items with your keyboard.

Well, presently Commando is broken on my installation :disappointed: