The Komodo Website is Returning to


Hello community! We’ve been hard at work here at ActiveState–hard at work on Komodo, our languages, our websites, and maybe even a top secret project or two! Many changes and additions are in the works and I’m here to talk to you about one of them: the Komodo IDE website.

Later this week we will be flipping a big switch that will effectively merge the Komodo website back into, where it has historically been. All of the content currently available will continue to be available, just organized in a slightly different fashion.

Why are we doing this? ActiveState has always felt that Komodo is an important part of its product stack. In the coming months you will see Komodo even more fully integrated into our other offerings, and as such, we want to present one united brand to strengthen both Komodo and our languages offerings. And, this means as devs we can do what we enjoy the most – working with the community and communicating with our users on our forums where we feel we can contribute the most value.

If you frequent our website you need not be alarmed, we’ve been hard at work preparing the switchover and as a result any of the pages you currently visit will automatically redirect to their new equivalent when the change happens.

As for the community sections (forums, contribution instructions, packages, …); they will continue to live on at a new address (to be announced), so we have a site dedicated to our community and its happenings.

See you on the flipside!

The Komodo Website has Returned to
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