Tell which publishing location is bound to a project

Is there a preference screen I’m not seeing?

After I push a single file and the icon change status to sync the file not updated on the server until I do a full manual sync. I’m thinking its going to wrong location on save and push commands.

Looking where I would confirm my suspicion?

Did you enable option When a file is saved locally, auto-push it to the remote server?

Yes, It stop working after I renamed the config, I wanted to find out where the binding is stored to see if that change followed across.

The publishing configuration is saved in your application data prefs.xml file. You can have a look in there. I’m not sure what platform you’re on so here’s all of them:

When you have the prefs.xml file open you can search for “publishing_configurations”.

Do you suspect that what you have under Tools menu > Publishing > YouAppConfig is not being used correctly by Komodo? Do you have more than one remote server configured for a particular local folder?

  • Carey

Thanks, That did the trick.

Looks like I had the same local uri for two publising locations, When I renamed the config I guess the order reversed (orders by name?) and was sending files using the other location.