Tab stops not working

I have one file where hitting tab moves the cursor 1 space (rather than 5). I can also see the tab lines (light grey vertical lines) every space. My other open files are working normally. Closing and re-opening the file doesn’t seem to help, and neither does re-opening Komodo.

Komodo 11 on MacOS

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I think the setting “Allow file content to override tab and indentation” is causing this.
You can disable this in you’re file preferences:

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Ah, yes, that fixed it. Thanks!

Thank you! I really wish this setting was more visible, I spent 30 minutes trying to figure out how to adjust tab stops (thinking it must work like a word processor), I even looked at this preference tab but it never occurred to me this would be an override issue. That’s probably because the idea that a file could override the tab and indentation settings in such a specific way never occurred to me.

I do wish there was more visibility on this setting. Specifically in “Views” > “Tabs & Sidebars” a checkbox like the “Word Wrap” setting gets would have saved me so much pain.

To make the answer more complete, there is also a global pref for this setting (preferences > editor > indentation):

The file settings will override the global prefenrences