Tab colours, Komodo Edit 9.x and Linux

I cannot get tab colours to display in Komodo Edit 9.x using the same userchrome.css file that has worked for the past few Komodo versions (eg 8.5) on my Linux VM. The same userchrome.css does work on a Windows Komodo Edit 9.1. I know Komodo is recognising the userchrome.css as I can change other styles and they take effect on Komodo restart. Any ideas? I’m stumped.

I’ll happily post the userchrome.css content if it helps.

userchrome.css ought to still work, but an easier way is to just use Stylish -

I haven’t used userchrome.css in years myself.

Yes I installed Stylish but haven’t managed to get far with it yet. Is it suitable for colour-coding the tabs according to file-type? Or even better, according to file-type and directory (eg so I can have Model and Controller classes custom colours).

OK, here’s what I’ve found. Stylish and userchrome.css seem to have the same effect, and the tab colour-coding is skin-dependant. For me it only works for Elementary and Abyss themes, others ignore the tab background colours (but other styles ARE applied). I can live with this - Elementary theme is OK.

Stylish is not skin dependant, your CSS rules are. Some skins set -moz-appearance which you cannot override with CSS rules, to override the styling on this elements you first have to set -moz-appearance: none !important. This will undo a lot of their styling though so you may not want to do this.

Hey thanks :slight_smile: “-moz-appearance: none !important” was exactly what I needed to make the tab-colour customisation take effect on the default skin. I applied it only to:

tabbox, tabs > tab, tabs > tab

Strange it only seem to affect 9.x on Linux, but anyway, it’s working now.

Because the UI changes :slight_smile: It doesn’t stay exactly the same between major versions. Not very strange at all :wink: