Syntax Highlight keyword vs built in functions

I have a list of keywords and a list of built in functions, and I want to highlight them differently (different styles). The only examples I have found that include built in functions, just bundle them in the same list as the keywords which is not the desired behavior.

What is the best way to separate these two concepts in a syntax highlighting plugin?

Hi, we currently do not support creating and styling custom keyword lists. I don’t think there’s an easy way to do this in a plugin, so we’d have to facilitate something like this for you in a future release.

I am sorry if my question was not clear enough. I am not trying to style a custom keyword list (from an end users perspective), I am writing a syntax highlighting plugin for a language that Komodo does not support. I want to highlight keywords differently than built in functions.

I can already do this, easily, if I just put the keywords in the keyword list and then list out all of the functions in the regex like this:

/(fncA|fncB|fncC)/ : paint(upto, SSL_DEFAULT), paint(include, M_TAGNAME)

But this is unwieldy when there are 300-400 such functions. Is there a better way to do this?

Thanks for the clarification. Unfortunately it doesn’t look UDL supports multiple keyword lists to do what you’re requesting. We’d have to add that into a future release.