Syntax Color Not As Rich. My settings maybe?

I’m tweaking the settings on my KomodoIDE. I want to punch up the syntax coloring.

I noticed no matter what I set in the preferences I’m not getting them any more vivid, or as rich as they appear in the preference preview.

It’s a small thing, but thought I would mention it. Maybe there’s another place I can make the change, or something.

Here’s what it looks like:

Are you sure you applied the color scheme? Those screenshots arent using the same colors at all, nevermind how vivid they are.

Yes. However; Your answer caused me to take a closer look. I think I see what happened.

The custom Syntax configs are language specific right? Notice on my present configurations the colors I’ve selected are specifically for [ Python 3 ] so that might be the problem. You have ‘Python’ & ‘Python 3’ I configured the Python 3 so Komodo is probably using the former Python 2.7 variety. I’ll see if I can change that.

That was the issue. I had the color configurations for Python 3 only. Once I selected ‘Python’ and applied the same color changes to that; it reflected those changes in the editor. Before; I didn’t realize I had to make the same changes in two different places.

Now; no issues at all. Color is consistent between the 2 varieties of Python.