Synchonized Scrolling between two split views


I’ve been using Komodo IDE for a little while now and have found a lot of nifty little tricks but one that seems to elude me is how to turn on synchronized scrolling for a split view so when I scroll in one window, it scrolls in the other at the same time. I’ve done a lot of google searching for it and people say it’s in there but I just can’t seem to find it. Please help!

Komodo IDE 8.5.3

Hmm what references did you find? I am not aware of such a feature myself. Found a feature request though:

Could you explain your use-case?

Thank you for replying.

In taking a closer look at the post I was referencing it was a wish list from this writer (

As far as a use case goes, we have live code on one server and development code on another. The use case would to have two files open in split view and a toggle button that would scroll down both windows simultaneously for code comparison such as needing to do a quick fix on a test file that has other code in it and we just want to reference the same spot in the production code for a quick paste in place.

Other reason would be to have multiple sites using the same base code format and needing to copy sections from one to another to make sure everything else looks right.

We do the same type of thing in comparing directory structures so I think it would be a definite benefit for use. Just another tool in the bag. :smile:

It sounds like you’re trying to manually do what several tools already facilitate, if you don’t use a VCS you could use something like diffmerge to compare files and directories. If you use git you could use git blame, and other VCS likely have similar functionality.