Sync your stuff addon: how much interesting it for you?

Since Komodo 9 (iirc) the sync add-on has been dropped and I don’t know why. So would you be interested in a 3rd-party add-on that would do the same thing that the previous add-on does? It would not contain custom add-ons, only those which are in the Packages, but the tools will be stored on my servers (encrypted). To setup the sync, you have to register on a site where you’ll get an encrypt and decrypt keys. Next you have to download the add-on, put those keys in inputs somewhere in Preferences and then sync your stuff. When you want to sync your stuff at another PC, you have to login on the site again, grab the decrypt key and sync your stuff with it. If you would want to update the sync, you have to grab the encrypt key and… encrypt the data and send it to the server.

  • Yes, I’m interested in this add-on
  • No, I don’t use the sync

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It was removed because the technology that it relied on (not created by us) was too much of a liability and given the few users that used it we decided to axe it and focus on features that people do use.

We would like to re-introduce syncing at some point, but in a way where we do not play the host for your data. eg. you would use Komodo’s sync functionality with dropbox or similar.

In that case, it would be nice to have a way to customize where and how the data is stored, so for example, i would be able to use my own webserver.

Right, that would be the intend :slight_smile:

Maybe some form of a git server?

The idea is that we provide your settings in a format that can easily be shared using whatever method you desire. The method (git, dropbox, etc) is entirely up to you.