Sync Tools Issues IDE 8.5

Syncing Tools between 2 devices seems to fail even though the activity log reports success. View quota shows no space allocated to tools.

This feature is essential to copy snippets between machines and to back them up. I have seen several bug reports that have not been replied or resolved so thought I’d post here.

I have tried:
Disconnecting and reconnecting
Resetting Sync
Renaming machines

Related issues:
I can’t seem to discard an old account profile or create another one. “Stop using sync” and then “set up sync” reports that I have already set up a sync account and gives no option to create a new one.

Old machine names are retained in the profile. When I reset sync and select “copy this machine’s data to all other machines” (or similar) The warning shows - “All the following machines will have their data erased…” That list now shows any new name that I have given to any machine as if editing a machine’s name creates a new machine in the account.

As workaround (which I know is suboptimal but, oh well, that’s what workaround means) I’ve been using my source control tool (Subversion in my case) to sync tools. It’s fairly straightforward because Komodo uses regular files and directories as storage. I’ve created a remote repository with my free account in an Internet “cloud-based task and code management tools” provider and I access it from my two computers. The obvious drawback is that update and commit are done manually but version control is a pretty good added value.

For Komodo sync, performing a reset with “copy this machine’s data to all other machines” should fix any synchronization issues. You should also reset on the other client machines, but perhaps use a “Replace all data on this computer with my Sync data” on those clients - to ensure they are the same (by default it will merge - perhaps there is a conflict there).

Thanks toddw, but I have tried these solutions and it didn’t seem to change anything. This is why I was hoping to create a new account. Key bindings seem to copy OK but still zero quota used by tools.

Thanks alvaro, it’s a good idea for a workaround. I noticed the files in my user profile under windows 7. This will be my fallback if I can’t get the sync working properly. Thanks for your time. I’ve read about subversion but haven’t played with it.