Sync remote files when on file save


Is it possible to set up Komodo remote project in a way that when I save the file in Komodo then it will automatically check for changes in remote location before submitting the new file and if there are changes then it would alert me to sync them manually?

Edit: I have found a way how to directly change the remote files and then Komodo does prompt me if file has been updated mean while. But I need it to work so that the check is made when I edit the local file, which is then checked agains the remote file.


Have you tried Publishing?

I have tried publishing again Nathan and I have gotten it to do what i wanted. Thanks.

The only thing is merging, which seems a bit weird, but that ain’t the important aspect at the moment.

Heh - if you want merging (and all the other goodies like history and accountability) - you should probably be using a Version Control System (like Git or Subversion) :stuck_out_tongue: