Symbol browser not loading

Using Komodo IDE 11.1.0 on macOS Mojave I’ve just created a new project for a relatively large git repo. The code-base is Ruby on Rails, and the code intelligence scan of the files appears to complete successfully. When I try to access the Symbol Browser however I see a message “To use the Symbol Browser please open a buffer with a supported language”.

I’ve edited the project preferences and set the primary language to Ruby, but this hasn’t changed anything, nor does restarting in safe mode.

The only think that looks a likely clue in the log are many lines like:

[WARNING] koLanguage: Asked for unknown language: ‘Python-common’
[WARNING] koLanguage: Asked for unknown language: ‘JavaScript-common’
[WARNING] koLanguage: Asked for unknown language: ‘HTML-common’

and an exception trace:

ERROR:xpcom:Creation of class '<class 'component:koCommandmentService.KoCommandmentService'>' failed!
Exception details follow

ERROR:xpcom:Unhandled exception calling 'int8 * createInstance(in nsISomething, in nsIID &, out retval InterfaceIs *);'
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/Applications/Komodo IDE", line 303, in _CallMethod_
    return 0, func(*params)
  File "/Applications/Komodo IDE", line 57, in createInstance
    return self.klass()
  File "/Applications/Komodo IDE", line 444, in __init__
    self._reader = _CommandmentsReader(koDirs.userDataDir, ver)
  File "/Applications/Komodo IDE", line 353, in __init__
    self._pipe =, os.O_RDWR)
OSError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/Users/pemcg/Library/Application Support/KomodoIDE/11.1/commandments.fifo'
[2019-03-14 09:58:44,093] [ERROR] koInitService: Unable to start 'koCommandmentService' service: ';1'
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/Applications/Komodo IDE", line 371, in loadStartupCategories
  File "/Applications/Komodo IDE", line 195, in getService
    return serviceManager.getServiceByContractID(self.contractid, _get_good_iid(iid))
  File "<XPCOMObject method 'getServiceByContractID'>", line 3, in getServiceByContractID
Exception: 2147500037 (NS_ERROR_FAILURE)
[2019-03-14 09:58:44,130] [INFO] koInitService: Adding pre startup service for 'koDBGPManager': ';1'
[2019-03-14 09:58:44,223] [ERROR] console-logger: TypeError: n is undefined (2) in chrome://komodo/content/contrib/commonjs/underscore.js:5
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "chrome://komodo/content/contrib/commonjs/underscore.js", line 5, in 

[2019-03-14 09:58:44,623] [DEBUG] ko.launch: Response: (404)
[2019-03-14 09:58:44,623] [DEBUG] ko.launch: versioncheck on
[2019-03-14 09:58:45,620] [DEBUG] ko.launch: Response: (200)

Does this look like a bug, or is there a setting that I should make? Another Rails project with a different git repo works fine and I can see the symbol browser, so I don’t think there’s a fundamental problem with my Komodo installation


Narrowing it down, it seems to be a problem when I have 2 projects open in 2 different windows. Symbol browser shows everything correctly in the first project opened, but fails with the OP message in the second window/project.

Morning @pemcg ,

This is fixed in the latest release. I recommend you update.

  • Carey

ok, but I have no desire to go to the subscription model just to get a bug fix for my current version, so how do I upgrade from 11.1.0 to 11.1.1?

Morning @pemcg,

If you already have a license then nothing changes in your usage so you can create an account (or if you already had a license there should be an account already that was created using your email for, download and install Komodo, then login and you’re good.

We’ve completely removed the licensing system in Komodo so to confirm you’re authorized to use Komodo IDE you now login. This is how all updates will be coming.

  • Carey

Hi Carey

The latest version that seems to be available for me to download is 11.1.0. Similarly Help -> Check for Updates tells me that no updates are available for 11.1.0.

I’m slightly confused.

Many thanks,

@pemcg, yep, you have to do a manual install of 11.1.1.

Got it, thanks!

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