Switching to KomodoIDE 09 ;; disable tabmove feature


Trevor is considering upgrading to Ko09 but the new “tab move” feature is driving him crazy. Is there any way to disable this feature?


In Ko08, any “buffer tab” for a new file that is opened simply appears to the right of any other “buffer tabs” for currently-open files. However, in Ko09, this behavior appears to have changed, and the new “buffer tab” is instead “moved” over one or more slots to the left.

The problem with this is that the feature does not appear to behave consistently. If multiple tabs are open, and the tabs were opened in an indeterminate order, Ko09 opens the new tab and moves it an arbitrary number of slots to the left, but does not move it all the way to the left.

This is hugely annoying relative to the behavior of the previous version, because it is not predictable.


Trevor liked the way the tabs behaved in Ko08 much better. Is it possible to disable the new behavior of how tabs “move” when a new file/buffer is opened? This is one of the aspects that is keeping him from upgrading to Ko09.


The desired outcome is to just have the most recently open tab appear always in a predictable position, either at the immediate left of all other open tabs, or the immediate right of all other open tabs.

Hi there, I’ll assume Trevor is your co-worker and you are not speaking in the third person :wink:

You can let him know that he can disable tab sorting (which is what is happening in Komodo 9.3) from the Open Files widget by pressing the cog icon and toggling “Tab Sorting”. Unfortunately while this is the intended UX it is bugged in the current release and to work around it you need to execute the following code in your console widget (bottom panel):

require("ko/prefs").setBooleanPref('openfiles_tab_sorting', false);

Alternatively you can download the latest nightly, which has resolved this issue:


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