Support suversion >= 1.7?

We recently upgraded the version we used from subversion to version 1.7, with this version there are no more subdirectories “.svn” in the directory tree. There is only a single “.svn” in the root.

Since the upgrade, the icons and subversion options are not displayed.

Are these subversion versions supported in KomodoIde?.

We have version 10.1.4 of KomodoIde.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention @togro, I’ve opened a bug here:

I might be able to look into this sooner than 11, but I can’t commit to that as of right now.

Turns out we do in fact already support this:

@togro are you able to run SVN commands via the command line on the repository in question? And are those using the same svn executable as Komodo uses?

You are right , we upgrade OS to MacOS Sierra and this OS has a different opion of svn (1.9) , is no compatible with 1.7 , we upgraded server to svn 1.9 and upgrade the db for svn and works fine .

But without icons , but it’s fine.


Komodo 10 indicates VCS status through color, not icons.