Support Full HD displays

Hello! I have problem on my laptop (14", Full HD 1920x1080). Program looks very blurry and fuzzy, and it concerns interface elements and code editor. Say what I do to get a clear picture? Do you plan to support full hd displays?

Please try a nightly build -

This issue should have been fixed but has not made it into a stable release yet. Which is not to say the nightly isnt stable, it just hasnt been thoroughly tested.

Thank you. I tried. Looks better but there is no clarity. In Firefox no such problems.

Can you clarify?

Here’s a look screenshots
Full screenshot

Could you see if the fix offered here works for you:

High DPI mode

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Komodo 8 is not a high DPI aware application.

Komodo 9 (which is in pre-release), does support HD monitors and will offer smoother looking fonts on high DPI configurations:


Thank toddw! Version 9 looks good