Support For Java?

I was just wondering if Komodo Edit lends support for writing Java files or not?? I know I can do Javascript in Komodo but how about Java?

The Java language is not supported by Komodo, or rather, Komodo will only provide code coloring for Java.

Whatever - you can add Java support by creating a new Komodo Language from Projects (Project - New From Template - Create Komodo Language :smiley: )

If you want more Java features(maven compilation, etc…) You can always write a plugin to do it. In fact, in a few months I will be creating a plugin aimed at either Play or Spring development.

Note we’re working towards setting up a reward system for people that make big contributions such as the one you described, more details to come :slight_smile:

The stickers? :stuck_out_tongue:

At the very least.

Fine, @rstewart will be happy :stuck_out_tongue:

“Happy” won’t come close to describing the wave of emotion when I finally get Komodo stickers.