Suggestions for Komodo IDE

  • Native comment toggle - get rid of uncomment function.
  • Hard to see text curser in some cases, especially when komodo auto highlights characters:
    My curser is positioned adjacent to one of the highlighted brackets… and as you can see, you can’t see the blinking curser. This issue seems to persist across all the themes.
  • Debugger config window opens every time I commence a debugging session… why? Also, there is poor feedback from the debugger configuration form - It should auto detect php on the mac system and check if xdebug is installed. Phpstorm does this.
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Thanks for the report @jordan! It’s better to create an issue here:

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@Defman Native means its not an addon/macro but comes packaged with Komodo.

I agree Komodo should have this, though I see no reason to remove the explicit add/remote functionality.

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This is issue 75 in the Komodo Edit repo.

You didn’t tell it not too…You can hold ctrl when you start debugging (press F5) and it will skip the dialog. Or Preferences > Debugger: Skip debugging options dialog…

Komodo should do all of that already. Komodo did that before PHPStorm was a thing :wink: Note the “find on path” option in the interpreter field. If that’s not working you just need to add PHP to your system path. If THAT is not working, then we have a problem.

Also note that Komodo ships with Komodo specific Xdebug bits. No need to check if they are installed. Is that the feedback you’re missing? There should be a red “X” and a warning message if Komodo was unable to configure the PHP debugger.

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HOW did I miss that!? :()

Another suggestion I would like to make is to have a feature comparison table on your site between Komodo and PHPstorm… Komodo seems vastly superior to PHPstorm (for example, in the screenshot I posted, phpstorm doesn’t even recognize that very simple JS error)…

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I think it should be a community contribution.

You get a “like” for that @jordan.

There are “community” comparisons of Komodo vs PHPStorm but I think @jordan wants to see a dev comparison. Jordan, keep in mind that we support 10 languages…that would be a Komodo vs. MyIDE for all languages (that’s atleast 3 with Jetbrains alone), plus all the different companies that make an IDE for that lang. Obviously a good idea. I’m sure marketing is already thinking about it.

Thanks for the suggestions and question Jordan!

  • Carey
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I thought that developers doesn’t like to compare their product with other products. But seems you guys are the exception or I just know too small about developers at all :smiley:
I hope it will be a fair comparison so you’ll show pluses and minuses of Komodo (I don’t know the minuses, I never used any other IDE and I sure that Sublime isn’t an IDE, just an editor)

I personally tend to avoid comparisons because of my obvious bias. I like community comparisons because you can trust those are not biased, although they tend to be riddled with inaccuracies …

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I’d prefer to be very bias and unfair :stuck_out_tongue: That’s just my personality I guess.

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It’s definitely what I mean, Nathan.

Just like me :smiley: