Submit Your Komodo Resources (addons, macros, snippets, etc)

In preparation for the new Komodo Resources section you can already start submitting your own resources.

Note that we’ve taken the liberty to add some contributor repositories already, please let us know if you were added but do not wish to be part of the new Resources section.

You can read all about how to add your resources on our new Komodo-Resources repository:

I’m looking forward to see what you’re all working with!

Congrats on moving over to github, this should be a cool way to keep everything together.

You can add Autocode if you like. I need to check if I’ve pushed the latest, but that’s the beauty of github.

I’ll go ahead and add that, note that I’m only feeding in an initial set of data, once the Resources section is fully launched the idea is that people will do pull requests to have their Resources added. :slight_smile:

dave​stewart, Not work with Komodo IDE 8.5.3 :frowning:

@Defman21 you should probably report that on his github repository -

Okay, I’m report about this bug :slight_smile:

I ported a FreshCut color theme from Sublime Text to Komodo Edit
Also I created a Base16-Ocean theme (Colors: Look’s very good with [Spacemodo Skin][1] by @nathanr (Much difference between my theme and his Spacemodo theme)
Work’s normaly with HTML, HTML5, CSS, PHP, Python3, Python.
Lol. I created a new theme - Monokai. Available on:
GitHub Repository:
If you want, I can create a light versions of my themes :slight_smile:
[1]: Spacemodo Skin - in development

Nice work @Defman21 :slight_smile: Please follow the instructions here to submit your resources.