Submit updated addon; Withdraw submission

I have recently updated an addon originally submitted through:

  1. How can I replace the original update with the updated one?
  2. While trying, I inadvertently submitted the addon as a new one. How can I remove the new one?

Do I need to use the new resource submission system? If so, How can I do this without github?

At now all addons must been loaded on github as sources. Also if you have a xpi build - you can create release. Read this to get more info:

You can submit addons to the new Resources section - Instructions:

Unfortunately GitHub is currently required to submit your resource, though you do not necessarily need to “host” your resource on GitHub.

The old extensions section is depricated and hardly curated anymore, it will soon be removed entirely and redirected to our new Resources section.

Thanks for your contributions! :slight_smile:

You can update an existing add-on by clicking the Edit button on your existing add-on page - and within there you can deleted the old add-on xpi file and upload a new one.

If you need an add-on page deleted - let us know which one and we can assist there.


The unintended duplicate is Node 11191. It is a duplicate of 10850.


Hi Nathan.

Thanks for your reply.

I’ve read that page over and over, and I still can’t work it out. I’m prepared to host the addon on GitHub, but I can’t see how. I know it has something to do with forking the resource, but I’m a bit confused at this point.

Alternatively, I’ve tried the manual version (without GitHub), which might be better for now. It does say something about providing information, but I can’t for the life of me see how to provide it. There must be a link or button somewhere, but I haven’t found it ye.


Okay - the duplicate (11191) has been deleted.

Thanks for the feedbacnk @manngo, at the moment submitting a resource does require a bit of GitHub know-how. I’ll try to do a screencast soon to show how it works.

For now maybe I can just do it for you, this is your addon right?

Thanks Todd.

That’s the one. I’ll try to get my head around GitHub when I can.


Hi Again,

I have just updated my addon via GitHub. I have added the .xpi file as a new release.

I am still confused as to how to publish the addon. I find that

  • When I look for the addon in Tools | Add-ons, all I see is the previous version.

  • Presumably, it’s not surprising that the installed addon is not automatically updated.

I’d appreciate any help on how to finish the job.


The github addons are currently not connected to the auto-updater, we’re aiming to have this work in Komodo 9. Komodo 8 and before only work via the soon to be deprecated extensions sections.

Thanks again. Meanwhile I have also updated the addon on the old site.