Stylizer & Komodo IDE GUI Customizations

I read on former post somewhere that you can use Stylizer to modify the Komodo IDE interface.

Is this true? If so… How does this work? I have Stylizer but I believe I can only open browser based files with it such has HTM, HTML etc. I know I can do real-time CSS editing if I can point Stylizer to the right file.

Can someone point me in the right direction?

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Download the latest version of Stylish here:

Then drag the XPI onto Komodo, confirm the addon installation and restart Komodo.

Once restarted you can find your Stylish settings under Tools > Addons.

Not sure what Stylizer is or if you meant to say Stylish, but that would be the easiest way to get started.

You might also want to have a look at the Dom Inspector

Stylish… Yeah Cool. Thanks for the heads-up on the XPI, and for the Dom Inspector.

I downloaded the XPI, but how exactly do you use it?
Do you drop it onto Komodo as usual like you do for Stylish?
You have a screenshot ( I think ), under the post where you can get download the Dom Inspector, but I don’t see any images. It just says ‘Screenshot’. Check it out when you have time.

Anyway; if you have more info on how the DOM Inspector works I would be happy to check it out. Drop me
a link when you can.

I was reading about the userChrome.css file which I believe governs the GUI for the Komodo IDE. I went ahead
and downloaded a template userChrome.css file from this site: so I’ve been hacking away at the CSS and seeing what can do with it. So far I suck at it, but I’m getting warmed up it.

By the way, Stylizer is a tool I use for CSS editing. It’s super fast for CSS mods. I was hoping I could
somehow use it on the IDE GUI but I’ll do the XPI route you recommended first.

I’m surprised you haven’t heard of Stylizer. Made by a company called Skybound. It’s a straight-up CSS Tool.
It’s pretty cool. Here’s a short vid if interested to see how it works. I’ve been using this for a couple years now.


Ok; I just dropped the Dom Inspector XPI into Komodo as usual. Worked great!

I was concerned that it was a ‘tool’ so there was some special mechanism to how it was installed, but
it’s pretty simple like the other XPI’s.

Thanks again.

userChrome.css is basically redundant if you can use Stylish, as Stylish allows you to make many different css “files” and load/unload them on-demand without restarting Komodo.

Stylizer looks neat, but basically it just appears to be a UI to tweak basic CSS rules. Anything you can do with Stylizer you could also do with Stylish, but you’d have to write the CSS yourself.

I agree. I’m leaning towards Stylish more and more.

I’m using the Dom Inspector to locate the proper css class for Stylish Mods.

Great :slight_smile: Hope you will consider sharing some of your modifications on the Resources section!