Struggling with php debug


I have installed Komodo and am trying to get it to debug a joomla site running locally on Mamp Pro.
I have tried everything in the docs but Komodo keeps on saying that it failed to configure for local Php debugging.
Im really stuck !! any help please!


Hey @appzoola,

Please elaborate on the above. At the very least confirm WHAT docs you were following by sharing the link to them (I’m about to make that need moot but just for future reference, this isn’t enough info to provide assistance on).

The fact that you’re checking the “local debugging” prefs makes me think you read the wrong docs. Please make sure you followed the docs for Remote PHP Debugging in Komodo and we’ll go from there.

  • Carey

Hi Carey
ok… so what I tried was as documented here:
I have tried the following:

  1. Mamp pro on my mac.
  2. Installed my joomla dev environment,
  3. added
    to the php.ini

and the error is always the same : Failed to configure for local debugging. (See screenshot).

If I am understanding correctly, the local debugging is used for debugging outside of a Mamp/server environment?

I need to be able to debug on a local server AND off the actual remote website. I have xdebug setup on the server, but cant see how to debug off that server. Do I enter the https address for that server as the location for the project? That just seems to go around in circles…

sorry, but im not very clear at all on how to get this all to work.


Hi @appzoola,

It sounds like you stopped scrolling the docs too early. Right after the zdebug setup steps there is Confirm correct server configuration: section then the Invoking the PHP Remote Debugger section.

Summary is that you’ll open a browser, go to your running website with ?XDEBUG_SESSION_START=1 appended to the URL which, if you’re configured properly, should trigger a dialog to open in Komodo asking you if you want to start a debug session.

The prefs screen you’re looking at is for “local” debugging, as in started within Komodo, run in Komodo. You’re trying to do “remote” debugging, started by a server that contacts Komodo to handle the debug session.

  • Carey

  • Carey