Sticky Window Size?

I just installed Komodo Edit 9 (I am a long time Komodo Edit user) and am finding some annoyance with the size/position of window panes. In particular, the bottom pane (console output, etc.) seems to take about 1/3 of the available vertical space on startup, regardless of how I sized prior to the last shutdown.

Does anyone know how to make the size of this window pane stick, so that it will be the same size each time I open Komodo Edit?

Thanks in advance!


Logged a bug for the issue here:

You can get around this for now with a macro (defined in your right pane, the toolbox):

document.getElementById('workspace_left_area').width = 250;
document.getElementById('workspace_right_area').width = 250;
document.getElementById('workspace_bottom_area').height = 300;

Simply have it fire on startup.

Apologies for the inconvenience