Sticky Find Bar

I found this thread for K9

But I’d like to give feedback that I think this is broken design and should be addressed in K10. It should stay, like in QtCreator. (See attached) they provide an X in the upper right.

Hi @Scorp1us,

The preference that @nathanr alludes to is at Prefs > Find: Never auto-close the find frame.

Does that solve the issue for you?

  • Carey

Despite checking that option, it still closes.

@Scorp1us when does it close? It should only close when you press the Esc key and you are focused on the Find tab. That is the behavior we expect and that I am seeing in my instance.

  • Carey

I just updated to 10.2.1 - Still not working. It disappears when I click in the document. I have the box checked.

So… I think I have something… I’ve been referring to the “Incremental Search.”
Command-F (maps to “Incremental Search”

click in text to edit - disappears.

Why can’t both searches behave the same?

That’s something that has annoyed me too, I will see what I can do about it for Komodo 11.

Ahhh thanks for clarifying. I agree with you and Nathan then. In other applications the incremental find doesn’t go anywhere until you tell it to go away.

  • Carey

Komodo 11 seems a long way away.

10.3? :slight_smile:

There won’t be a 10.3, we’re focused on 11 and a maintenance release for 10.

While 11 isn’t exactly right around the corner it won’t be THAT long, you’ll get to play with the beta later this year.