K11 one week in

I’m rather disappointed by the 11 release. It definitely does not feel like it’s worthy of a version bump or buying a new license.

A few things I was expecting to see, but didn’t

  1. (OSX) Performance improvements. Even if I let Komodo 11 sit idle, after a few days it’s sucking down 100% of the CPU. Just sitting there with one file open it’s using 10% of my cpu.
  2. Scrollbars with highlight - The minimap doest cut it because at that zoom all functions look about the same.
  3. Double click on the gray area of top bar as maximize/restore (OSX) (Still not fixed)
  4. Still, I wanted to try the the new code intel/code completion. I turned it back on, but it doesn’t seem to complete anything in my node project? Python is not much better, it won’t show me arguments, but it’ll show the function. Am I doing something wrong how good should it be?

We’ve seen noticeable performance improvements across all platforms. I would strongly suggest trying a fresh profile: Help > Troubleshooting > Reset Everything.

The performance gains have been the thing we’ve heard the most positive response on, so you’re likely hitting some type of edge case. Happy to help dig if you’re willing, but a profile reset would be a good first step.

Can you elaborate? Scrollbars haven’t changed from 10 to 11.

This is tracked here: https://github.com/Komodo/KomodoEdit/issues/2694

Includes a workaround.

Very hard to say without seeing your use-case. Please consider logging a bug with some sample code.

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Also, I thought we discussed not having the find bar disappear all the time. Sticky Find Bar

This is feeling not like a major version and just a minor version.

Feels pretty damn major to me

I’m sorry we didn’t get to all the bugs you wanted fixed, we do still have to prioritise. Much as I’d like to get “all the things” into one release that’s just not feasible.