Step outside current HTML tag

Is there a keyboard shortcut to step outside the current HTML tag?

I love the autocomplete feature, but it typically leaves my cursor stuck in the middle of the tag it completes. Then I have to manually click after the tag or hit the right arrow several times.

For example, I type (cursor denoted by |)


Komodo generates:


I type my text


Now I want my cursor to move like this:


Is there a keyboard shortcut that will move my cursor just beyond the current HTML tag?

Hey @cmelcher,

It’s not the purpose of the command but you can use ctrl + shift + z.

That command selects the tag and allows you to move it by continuously pressing the keybinding (jump the tag over several strings) or click somewhere in the doc, press the binding again and drop it in that location (after a large paragraph).

Any way, once you’re pressed it in your scenario above, your cursor will be on the right hand side of the closing tag. Press the RIGHT arrow key or Esc to remove the highlight and leave you cursor outside the tag.

  • Carey

Thanks for the tip. Do you know what the keybinding name is? That would work if I can bind it something easier to hit.

In the keybinding prefs you’ll find it as HTML Tag Relocator.

  • Carey

PS. no, relocator is not a word :stuck_out_tongue:

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