Status bar menu, checkbox not firing onchange or oninput

I have a status bar button which when clicked opens a menu. On the menu is a checkbox, which displays fine. I’ve attached a handler (tried change and input events) but it does not fire. If I use click or focus then it fires. I must be missing something very basic, but I can’t figure out what?

    const $checkbox = $.create(
      'checkbox', {
        id: 'statusbar-' + appName + '-pref-ensureEOF',
        label: 'Ensure EOF',
        checked: getEnsureEOF()
      function (evt) {

I don’t think the input event is valid, try listening for command instead.

:+1: That seems to work. Is there any documentation (or source file) for this and other events that exist in the environment?

Yup, the Mozilla docs:

I usually google what I need, prefixing your query with mdn usually gets you the right results. Eg. in this case I would have googled mdn xul textbox.

Aha, it’s a Mozilla thing. The Joy of XUL. :slight_smile: