Starting to drag the minimap current view causes a jump

When I click and drag on the current view in the minimap (i.e. the grey rectangle showing the currently visible portion of the document), the current view jumps so that my cursor is centered in it. I was expecting it to keep my cursor at the same relative location in the current view and just scroll smoothly as I drag. This is particularly noticeable if you click near the top or the bottom of the current view to start your drag.

This seems like a bug to me, but I thought I would post it here first (especially since I don’t have a bugzilla account).

It’s not quite clear to me, but are you using long lines (or long wrapped lines), and then dragging the minimap causes horizontal editor scrolling (the centering you refer to)?


Sorry, I should have said that the centering I’m talking about is vertical centering. Here is a short video clip showing the phenomenon:
In this clip I first click near the top of the current view and drag down, and then I click near the bottom of the current view and drag up. Hopefully the jumping I’m talking about will be clear.

Thanks for the video @akrawitz, I’ve logged a bug here -