Split View undo

I used the View > Split View command to split the screen horizontally and thus be able to simultaneously examine code in two separate parts of the same file but distant from one another. Once I no longer needed the split view, I executed the command again, thinking it would toggle off the split view, but it didn’t. So I searched through the menus, hoping to find a command for removing the split view, but didn’t find anything. The online documentation just briefly mentions the feature, but with no specific details. How does one get rid of a split view?

In my experience,each view is a different page with an x in its upper right. To get rid of the view/page I don’t want any more, I just click the X to close it.There may be another way but this one has always worked for me.

@mirundiuk, thank you for your reply. Sorry, I should have been more detailed in my original post: I do see the red “X”, but I was really expecting to see a command in the menus, to which I could then assign a keyboard shortcut. Also, I’ve been trying to avoid ever again clicking the red “X” as a result of an outstanding bug in which doing so causes an unclean shutdown.

Sorry, I am not aware of the bug but while the bug persists and a command is not yet availabe, you could avoid an unclean shutdown by clicking inside the view/page you no longer want to activate it and then close it via a File menu command. It would be a longwinded but a clean shutdown.

True. So I posted a feature idea for this.

@mjross, as long as you only have one file in the “other” split view you can use the * Right click file tab > Placement > Go to split view* which is Move tab to other split view if you search for the cmd for a keybinding or in Commando.

Thanks for the suggestion. As a test, I opened up two text files, and split the view, with one of the files in the upper pane and the other in the lower pane. I then executed that command (“User Interface: Move tab to other split view”), but instead of removing the split view, Komodo simply swapped the two views – so now the second file is in the upper pane and the first file is in the lower. You mentioned that the suggestion works as long as one has only one file in the lower pane, but in order to achieve that, wouldn’t I have to close all of the files except one of them? That would defeat the purpose of what I’m trying to do in this case, which is simply to make the split view go away, but still have all of my text files open.

Yes. It sounded like you were just splitting one view at a time. There’s no way to collapse multiple split files back into non split mode.

Sorry to hear that, as that seems to me to be the most likely use case. Anyway, thank you for your responses!