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I am having trouble with source code control, it basically tracks my node_module folder and you can imagone what happens when I try to commit, well it freezes for a long while. Is there a way to tell source code control to ignore this folder? If I use cmd git status than it shows its not tracking the folder

Morning @anonymous94,

You should use a .gitignore file in this case. This is currently not configurable from within Komodo.

Let me know if you need a hand with the .gitignore file.

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git status is already not tracking this folder so I assume it’s configured for him.

I just wanted to extend @careyh answer with some documentation.

Here is some documentation about creating a .gitingnore or a global .gitignore.
A global .gitignore can be handy if you want to exclude certain files or folder in every project you create.

Here is the official documentation about .gitignore

And a useful stackoverflow answers how to format you’re folders and files in you’re .gitignore.

@Defman if he did not made any changes in the node_module folder, it will not show the folder when using git status.

Nice answer @babobski.

@Defman, I get your point. It’s ambiguous wording but @anonymous94 said it shows its not tracking the folder so I can only assume that it’s showing the following:

Untracked files:
  (use "git add <file>..." to include in what will be committed)


which slows down Komodo if there are hundreds or thousands of files not being tracked.

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Just as you said @careyh it shows its untracking files, I will have a go with .gitignore and I will let you know

Works fine! Thanks!