Some interesting pain points of today's IDEs

Pain we forgot

Has some neat ideas how an IDE could make our lives better.

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@Defman21 not sure what you’re saying…

on-topic: All interesting ideas raised there, but I don’t feel any of them would make sense to be used by default as they are very use-case specific.

For example having advanced help topics showing in auto-complete would annoy a lot of users, not to mention it would interfere with the auto-completions that one might be interested in. Sure you could try to prioritize the results but this makes for slow auto-completions and makes the overall experience far more “weighty”. The same goes for evaluating your code in real-time, essentially this requires always using the debugger which tremendously slows down your code, this may be desirable for some but definitely not for everyone.

I think these types of niche features will always be best developed by a passionate community whilst the main developers focus on the integral aspects of the IDE.