"Smart" indent seems to have hiccups

I have an XHTML5 file I ran through Beautify-js to change the indents to tabs. Then I hit the Enter key. Komodo indented the line—using spaces.

I have “Smart Indent” turned on, and I have “Allow file contents to override Tab and Indentation settings”. So why isn’t “Smart Indent” smart enough to see that I switched to using tabs? From the FAQ I’m guessing that maybe Komodo “locks in” the tab setting when it loads the file. But that’s not very smart at all. A true smart indent should check the tab dynamically each time I make a newline.

Furthermore the FAQ seems to say something about locking in the indent even after closing and reopening the file. What!?? Is Komodo keeping a list somewhere of every file I’ve ever opened, with a record of what sort of indent it uses?

And lastly, in a worst case, if I wind up having to define all the indent settings manually (if it turns out that “smart indent” is not smart at all), then where are these indent settings stored? How can I bundle them up into some named settings and distribute them to my authors? Thanks.

I closed and reopened the file, and thankfully “smart indent” started working again. I guess the first item then is just a small bug.

Smart indent has nothing to do with auto detection, smart indent refers to Komodo automatically inserting the right amount of tabs when you start a new line, or backspace into one.

Komodo detects indentation when you open a file, it does not detect indentation each time you make a modification, that would cost a lot of overhead and thus performance.