Smart Indent not indenting to brackets


I’ve been using Komodo Edit 8 for a while now and recently downloaded 9 and Smart Indent is behaving differently.

For example in 9.1.0 Smart Indent does this;


Whereas 8.5.4 gives;


Note that version 9 is not indendting to the brackets. Is this normal for version 9 or is something wrong?


Can you check that your settings for Prefs > Editor > Indentation are the same for both versions?

Hi nathnr,

Thanks for the reply.

At the time of checking the Indentation settings were not the same in 8.5.4 and 9.1.0 but I had changed them from default in 9.1.0 in an attempt to fix the problem.

The setting are currently as follows in both (where matching);

Auto Indent Style: Use Smart Indent
Auto adjust closing braces ON
Show indentation guides ON
Allow file contents to override Tab and Indentation settings ON
Prefer Tab character over spaces OFF
Number of spaces per indent 4
Width of each Tab character 4
‘Backspace’ decreases indentation in leading whitespace ON

I also tried deleting doc-state.xmlc from …/Library/Application Support/KomodoEdit/9.1 as per advised for a similar problem in a different thread but that didn’t seem to help.

I have resolved the problem but unfortunately can’t say exactly how.

  1. deleted Komodo Edit 9 application and 9.1 folder from the library (mac OSX).
  2. reinstalled Komodo Edit 9.
  3. installed rlangsyntax-0.1.5-ko.xpi then reboot. Smart Indent problem still there.
  4. changed file associations so that both “*.R,.r,.rs,.Rscript” and “.r” where associated with Language R. Previously “.r” where associated with ROEP. After one more reboot the problem appears fixed, Smart Indent is now reacting to brackets as it did in 8.5.4.

What’s ROEP? Far as I can tell that’s not a language we support. Neither is R lang for that matter, so it would seem your issue may be with an addon rather than with Komodo.

Sorry REBOL not ROEP.

In any case language extensions may well be the problem. For the language R I previously used SciViews-K in 8.5.4 and then rlangsyntax-0.1.5-ko.xpi for 9.1.0 (both downloaded from your website but I assume not officially supported). I’ve abonded those after learning to use “Create Komodo Language” under Projects and just I created my own language extensions (love that feature!). Interestingly though when I installed your colour scheme (Solarmodo.ksf) today it started doing the bracket problem again for Solarmodo.ksf. This time changing the font to monaco for Solarmodo.ksf within preferences fixed the problem. Again I this problem was using a language extension, I don’t know if the same problem would occur for a default language.

Thanks for your help.

The colorscheme has no effect on your editing capabilities, that sounds more like you are drawing the wrong conclusion, perhaps you were doing something else around the same time that you didn’t think was relevant?

Try turning on/off “Force shallow indent at string start”. Also keep in mind that smart indent will differ slightly per language, based on the syntax of the language.

Hi, would you be willing to share your R language support file? Did you also manage to get any of the other functionality of sciviews, such as integration with R working?