"Smart" browser preview?

I’d like to have a key binding that starts an external browser preview if there isn’t one, and refreshes it if it already exists. Furthermore, I would like a single preview to be shared by multiple open files in Komodo Edit.

The use case is that I am editing an HTML file along with its associated CSS and Javascript files, and I want to be able to create/update the same preview from any of those files with a single key binding.

Hmm, do browsers tend to have ways to let you do that? As in, how do we go about 1) finding existing browser windows, and 2) tell them to reload?

For example, in Firefox this would probably need to be done as a Firefox extension, and that would need to be updated often - but the Komodo release cycle is much longer than the Firefox one.

(With the technical issues solved, of course, this would be an interesting feature.)

In Firefox there is AutoReload extension. It’s reload tab every times when files in selected folder changed. So If Komodo will has this feature (reload tab when files in project directory changed) - it was really cool!

Err, see comment above about Firefox extensions and needing to change when things break. Yes, if you’re just a Firefox extension, it’s easier to deal with - mainly because that way you don’t need to wait for the rest of the code base to be ship-worthy.

I’m try to remade this extension for Komodo today/tomorrow.

Actually, I didn’t realize how hard this would be when I proposed it. Having now looked at the Chrome command-line options, I see there isn’t much to go on for Chrome either. As you say, it would be nice if the browsers supported it more easily. Anyway, thanks for replying.