Skins dont apply to code editor, only to sidebar :/

I downloaded Sublime skin and selected it in pref. But my code page is still white :confused:
How can I have the theme applied to it ?

I didn’t create any function to automatically apply Monokai scheme after selecting Sublime Skin. (and I won’t do this - it’s not so important and Sublime skin development was stopped)
So you should download ksf file from this repository: and drag’n’drop downloaded file on the Komodo window.
And all of skins (exclude Spacemodo) will has same “problem” if authors of this skins doesn’t add this function
You can download this pack and install it by placing all *.ksf files in the KOMODO_PROFILE_FOLDER/schemes/ and just pick Base16_Monokai_Dark (to find KOMODO_PROFILE_FOLDER read this: Important File Locations)

I dont know who you are, I can see you helped me pretty quick, and I thank you for this. The rest is for the BOSS, when he will come back from the shore.
If I understand, I need to end up Komodo myself !? Not anger enough having problems in my work during long time with this, and also to understand how to load up a Drupal project so much your ‘help’ is a pain.
But I would like to say that with Eclipse, or others free php editors I never had this kind of issues. Every one has got a dark theme.
So, after paying 99$, the VERY minimum would be to make a skin work simply.
So maybe activestate should look for a real developer or something like that to solve its issues, BEFORE making us paying.
This is a shame, and I would never recommend Komodo to anybody now I’ve bought it.
A very disapointed customer.

I’m Community Moderator at this forums and creator of Sublime Skin.

Sublime Skin is not a built-in skin in Komodo so ActiveState can’t do anything in this situation.

Komodo aslo has got a dark theme - Abyss and a lot of Dark themes in Komodo 8.5 and more dark schemes (base16) in Komodo 9

I hope you understand that ActiveState Komodo cannot control all Komodo add-ons exclude add-ons created by themselves.

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And I think I should say that Komodo has a FREE version: Komodo Edit and you should tried that before buying Komodo IDE IMHO.

If you want a dark editor color scheme, go into Komodo’s preferences, select the Fonts and Colors category and then choose a Dark color scheme in the scheme list.

If you want to use an officially supported dark skin you can use the Abyss skin. We cannot provide support for third party skins such as the one you are using. It’s akin to downloading Firefox on Windows and complaining to Microsoft that Firefox has bugs.

I would say that if you have an interest in Komodo IDE then you should try the trial, not Komodo Edit, as Komodo Edit does not have all the features that IDE has.

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You’re absolutely right - of course you should use trial version of IDE if you want to see what Komodo can.
But in this case (skin and etc.) - there is no difference between IDE and Edit.

Just special for you @lculoto I updated Sublime Skin. Now it uses Monokai scheme for all editor, not only for UI.