Simplify Font Control ( Feature Request )

I’ve seen how you can control fonts from Preferences, and adding some short Stylish script.

Just an idea to simplify and centralize font controls and I think something like this would be great.


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Hm, nice idea!

I was going to add something for the lower pane, but thats crazy talk.

Thanks for the suggestion @deluxyme, visuals are always appreciated!

Personally I do not see a large use-case for controlling individual font-sizes on a per-user basis. If you’d really want to do this I would suggest using Stylish.

Here are the CSS selectors of the elements that you’re looking to control (you can look these up yourself using Dom Inspector).

  • Left Pane, Right Pane: page[containerOrient=vertical]
  • Lower Pane: page[containerOrient=horizontal]
  • Editor Tabs: view tab
  • Pane/Lower Tabs: ko-pane tab

You can already control the Center font via Fonts & Colors. You can change the minimap font size with ctrl/cmd+scroll (when your mouse is hovering over it).