Show only one's own forum posts?

Here is a “meta” question: In the Komodo IDE issue queue on GitHub, it is fairly easy to list only those issues that one has posted. Here in the forums, is there a similar method to list only the posts that we ourselves have authored?

I feel like i’ve looked for this to no avail. If you find out please do let me/us know.

Ugh…when I click on my image in this thread it shows the “badges” I’ve earned…real helpful.

I suspect most of us have searched for that option at one point or another. Given that none of us have found it, then it probably doesn’t exist, which is a shame. But if I ever do encounter something like that, I will definitely let you all know.

If you click on you’re name, as seen on the screenshot.
It will take you to overview of you’re activity’s:

You an do the same for any other user, if you click on someones photo, a popup will appear.
If you will click on the name, it will lead you to the activity overview of that user:

Is this what you’re searching for?

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Unless I’m misunderstanding @mjross, No @babobski. That shows me EVERYTHING I’ve done in the community (every . I believe he wants to see only the threads he’s started.

@careyh check “Top Topics” on that page.

Why is everyone talking to me? @mjross asked the question haha.

@mjross, @nathanr’s response seems to be what you’re looking for though it still seems to show you issues that you commented on.

I was responding to your last reply :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you all for your replies. Sorry for my delay in answering this. @careyh: That’s one reason why people prefer talking to you than me. :wink:

@babobski: As @careyh noted, that list does include one’s comments as well as authored posts, but it’s certainly better than nothing, which is what I initially feared was on offer. Thanks!

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Again, there is a topic only section on that page called “Top Topics”. Which also has a link to show all topics. It’s exactly what you are looking for I believe :slight_smile:

@nathanr Thanks for the prodding to look again at that page, because when I did so earlier, I didn’t see the phrase “Top Topics” on that page (screenshot below) and too-hurriedly assumed it was seen by moderators only.