Should I wait for Komodo 9

I am a long time use of Komodo - however I must admit I skipped several versions in the past few years due to not being able to afford the upgrades any longer.
Recently I noticed you are offering a Personal License option which is perfect for me.

So I have been evaluating Komodo 8 the last couple of days and for some reason today Komodo is seeing my old Komodo licenses on my mac and it no longer will start up. So I decided to go ahead and purchase a personal license. But then I realized that Komodo 9 is just around the corner and wanted my $90 to stretch a little further if I wait for 9.

How far out is 9 from release?

Is there a way to get Komodo 8 to ignore my old licenses and let me continue my 21 day trial which is was supposed to still be good for another 18 days or so?

Thanks so much for the help!


I think nobody can say how far Komodo 9 to release. If you buy Komodo 8 - you can use your Komodo 8 license for Komodo 9 license until Komodo 9 will be released (because now Komodo 9 in alpha (trial: 60 days) and you can help developers by finding a bugs or another glitch stuff), license from Komodo 8. Note update to Komodo 9 will be has lower price if you already has Komodo 8.
If I’m not right - I think developers corrected me in some things :smiley:

  • Best regards, Sergey.

Hey David, we will be making an announcement very soon regarding upgrade pricing for Personal users. I can’t spoil the beans but suffice to say that if you though upgrade pricing was too much in the past you will most likely be happy about our upcoming announcement.

That said, if you want to extend your trial you could email, but it sounds like you already purchased personal? Note that we do not offer refunds (as per the agreement), exceptions can be made but you would have to get in contact with sales.

Thanks! I have not purchased the Personal edition but the problem isn’t that the trial has expired but that for some reason Komodo is seeing my old license somewhere because it says “Your installed license is not compatible with this version of Komodo. What would you like to do?”

I would still recommend you contact us via email, as a problem like this can be a bit sensitive to discuss on the forums (pirates would gobble up any solution we offer you here).

I totally get that. I went ahead and made the purchase now, and knowing that upgrades have the potential to be less painful for the Personal license made the purchase easier, even still if I ended up paying $90 for 8 and $90 for 9 - then I am still paying less than the full price at $295.

As I said I am a long time user of your software (starting back at version 3) and know its worth even the full price, but my budget (and my wife) likes the discount :slight_smile:

Thank you!

I can pretty much promise you that you won’t be paying $90 for 9 (as an upgrade) :slight_smile:

Glad you’re enjoying Komodo!