Setting up Publishing but gettting Asynchronous getSyncStatus() failed - how to resolve?

I’ve used Komodo Edit successfully and upgraded to IDE 8.5.4. I have set up Publishing successfully on a Macbook Pro; it syncs w my web site server. Now I am trying to set up Publishing to synchronize the same file set on my Windows machine. However, every time I run the scan, I get a message

Asynchronous getSyncStatus() failed

FTP is set up and connected, configuration appears to be in order. Any advice how to resolve this issue?

Could you attach or copy your logs from Help > Troubleshooting > View log File?
Also, the steps you followed to setup the Publishing config would potentially be helpful too.
At this point I would just suggest deleting the current configuration, maybe doing a Komodo and/or system restart then setup the config again.

That error looks like it’s unable to load your state file.

  • Carey