Setting up perl remote debugging

Iam trying to set up perl debugging on a remove server running linux. I tried following the documentation provided by Komodo but ran into a blank wall,on the first step.

I downloaded the relevant remove debugging package, put the taf.gz file into a folder, used 7-zip to extract the files (all on windows 10), but there is nothing in the extraction that matches the instructions to copy the entire dbgp directory to the remote server. There is nothing in the extraction that even remotely resembles a dgbp directory. What am I missing here?


Sounds like you downloaded the wrong file then. For Windows it will be a zip file. If you downloaded a tar.gz file then you downloaded the Linux binaries.

Windows Komodo remote Perl Debug bits.

  • Carey

The instructions say to copy the dbgp/perllib sub directory in your Komodo install or download the package from the internet and use that. The downloaded package is the dbgp/perllib directory.

Hopefully that helps.

  • Carey

Hi Carey:

I have been out of pocket for a couple of weeks because of my wife’s hospital stay and recovery, but I still have not gotten remote debugging set up correctly.

My first problem is I do not know where on the remote machine to copy the dbgp directory. I run apache on a Win10 machine at home, but the remote machine is linux. The site is running on a virtual server and I have access to the root and everything else. The problem is I know next to nothing about the perl installation on the VM server, only about the things relevant for my particular site.

Where do I need to copy the dbgp directory on the server? Once I do that I will go from there.


Hi @DEklof, Sorry to hear about your wife! I hope she’s ok!

All the information you need is in the documentation for Perl Debugging:

Best to have a read through there then ask for clarification on anything that doesn’t make sense, otherwise I’d just be copy and pasting the content from that page to here.

  • Carey