Setting up code calltips for Python3 in Komodo IDE 9

On old threads, I read that there were problems with code completion and calltips in older versions.
In 9.1, is it supposed to work for Python3?

When I type print( no suggestion is shown.

Are there specific Prefs to set up?

At the moment:
The type of the file being tested is set to Python 3
Prefs / Code Intelligence / Enable boxes: all checked
Prefs / Code Intelligence / Include all… checked
Prefs / Code Intelligence / API Catalogs / PyWin32 checked
Prefs / Code Intelligence / API Catalogs / PyWin32 (Python 3) checked

Also, under Prefs/Languages/Python3, I have added some Import directories just in case that’s related:

What might I be missing?

When you type print( - do you see anything in the log? (Help - Troubleshooting - View log file)

Don’t know what happened, but it started to work, and it works beautifully.

Thanks Defman, you have the magic touch. :slight_smile:

Hmm, I have an idea what was going on there. When you typed print( - CodeIntel started scanning the API catalogs. It takes some time. You can see the indicator of this process in right bottom of Komodo window. When it’s done - you will get your code calltips.