Set file type for a file extension

Is there an easy way to set the file type for a given file extension? That is, I want to take a file extension that Komodo doesn’t recognize and associate that with an existing file type.

My particular use-case is the templates for my new team’s product. We’re using the Volt template engine, so all the template files have a “.volt” extension. Of course, Komodo has no idea what that is. Now, the Volt syntax itself is basically just yet-another-Jinja-ripoff, so manually changing the type to “Twig” works fine and gives me exactly what I need. Is there a way to make Komodo recognize .volt files as Twig templates by default so that I don’t have to manually change the type each time?


Should be able to do that under Preferences > File Associations.

  • Carey

Ah, there it is! I wasn’t seeing it because “Show All Settings” wasn’t checked. Thanks @careyh!

Sounds like you’re using Komodo 9. Be sure to try out the Komodo X release:

Yeah, I just saw when I went to the site that the new version is out. That’s awesome! I’m looking forward to giving it a try…after I get my work done and have time to play with it. :slight_smile: