Serach STRG+F, F3

If i want to find something i do:

STRG+F, write, RETURN or F3
or normally mark something, copy, STRG+F, STRG+V, F3

But sometimes and i dont know why, this is not possible.
STRG+F opens a field that disappears immediately. Then i have to use the mouse to go on. This makes me nervous and breaks my working flow. (Just see, i can use ALT+N now instead.)

Please tell me, what happens sometimes that changes my workflow? I want to use STRG + F like in all other programs, too.

Hi @anjade,

Could you clarify more what happens when it’s not working? It sounds like the Find field will open but only briefly then…something. And what does Alt+N do? Is that how you can then perform a find?

What OS are you on?
What version of Komodo?
Which keybinding scheme are you using? (Edit > Preferences > Key Bindings)

  • Carey