Sensible Font Defaults - Survey

Hi guys, so we’re revisiting a lot of the default settings in Komodo 10, we want new users to feel as welcome as can be. As such I’d like to pose some questions to the community in order to get a feel for what these sensible defaults might be.

Font Face

  • Andale Monodo
  • Anonymous Pro
  • Courier
  • Consolas
  • Dejavu Sans Mono
  • Droid Sans Mono
  • Inconsolata
  • Liberation Mono
  • Lucida Console
  • Monaco
  • Profont
  • Proggy
  • Roboto
  • Source Code Pro
  • Ubuntu Mono
  • Other (please respond)

0 voters

Font Size

  • 7pt
  • 8pt
  • 9pt
  • 10pt
  • 11pt
  • 12pt
  • 13pt
  • 14pt

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Line Spacing

  • 0
  • 2
  • 4
  • 6
  • 8
  • 10

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Monaco and consolas shouldn’t be in this list, they are os-specific. I suggest Hack font instead of those.

Source code pro doesn’t have Russian symbols. awful fact you can’t even write comments to the code in your native language-_- On windows 10 at least.

My votes: line spacing should not be specified and Komodo should render using the default leading from the font, as font designers shape and space their letterforms very intentionally. Users can override that if they feel strongly.

I don’t have a strong preference on the default font, as I will change it to something I like and that I almost certainly already have installed on my system by the time I install Komodo. My preference would also be that you not install additional fonts on my system(s) just to have Komodo’s preferred default present, which probably means that you would have to go with a platform-specific default that you have some confidence would be present on each system.

Fair point, unfortunately Discourse does not let me edit polls after the fact.

Good to know, we certainly don’t want to alienate anyone.

I did not know this. Can you give any examples of fonts that have large line spacing?

We will not be installing any fonts, and in fact we’re working on a first use wizard that will let users pick their preferred fonts. I’d simply like the default suggestion to be something that they would appreciate.

Our color scheme fonts work the same way they do in CSS; meaning we provide a list of preferred fonts and Komodo walks down the chain until it finds one you have installed.

It has.
There is no italic cyrillic characters, that’s probably the reason why you don’t see your comments with SCP.

You can because polls are lists inside a tag. But it will reset the votes :frowning:

Anonymous Pro and Inconsolata both have relatively small line-spacing, while Source Code Pro and Hack both have more generous line-spacing. David Jonathon Ross’s Input Mono (free for individual use, see allows you to configure line-spacing among other things when you download it, and if I download a 0.9x or 1.4x line-spaced version of it, I would really like the software I use to honor my choice.

I didn’t know that the color scheme structure worked the same way CSS does; that’s really good to know that fallbacks can be listed.

That’s great, thanks for sharing :smile:

We’re only talking about defaults, you can still choose to not use any custom line spacing if that’s what you desire. The reality is that most fonts do not come with an option to specify your own line spacing and plenty of devs (myself included) enjoy using fonts that don’t necessarily have the line spacing they desire.

It only works that way if you manually specify the font face in the .ksf file, when editing a color scheme through Komodo only one font face will be used.

I assumed that, given the corresponding part of the UI, but thanks for clarifying.

I downloaded the trial version of the Komodo X IDE (i would like to see what’s new in this version) , opened my project and in first opened file you can see that there is a problem with the Russian fonts in the comments (Windows 10 Pro and UTF8 file encoding)

This does not happen to me.

Does it happen with different font? (Prefs - Color Scheme)

I don’t see fonts selection in the Color Scheme Editor - I can only change Italic or Bold font weight

I should to say that I am using the English version of Windows 10 Pro (but I don’t have problem with Cyrillic fonts in Atom editor, PHPStorm and Sublime Text)

Select “Editor” in the left of Color Scheme Editor.

I guess it’s Source Code Pro, which does not support Italic for Cyrillic characters.[quote=“Defman, post:6, topic:2547”]
There is no italic cyrillic characters, that’s probably the reason why you don’t see your comments with SCP.

You can keep it but remove Italic style for comments or just change it to something that supports Cyrillic (Hack :P)

Yes! it is problem with Source Code Pro font…

Bah, thanks guys. I’ll remove Source Code Pro from the defaults.

Dejavu Sans Mono font is ok with the Cyrillic(Russian lang) comments