Select scope via keyboard in "Goto Anything"?

I’ve bound “Commando: Open Commando With The Everything Scope” to a key-shortcut.
How can I select the desired scope with a single keypress from the offered scopes (after the commando box is opened)? Multiple “Key-Downs” is not really an alternative as the key has to be pressed multiple times, followed by return … (you have to count the keypresses to get the correct scope selected - if you want to do a FAST selection)

As the offered scopes are numbered, it might make sense to select the desired scope by pressing the corresponding number - instead this, the search is started using the number entered …

In Komodo 9.1 you select the numbered entry with ALT+Number. As of Komodo 9.2 (released today - so go check it out!) you can select the result just by hitting the number. Initially we didn’t want to do this because you may have filenames with numbers in them, but realistically the number of filenames with numbers at the start of them should be virtually nonexistant. If you do have filenames with numbers in them and get annoyed by this functionality you can turn it off under Prefs > Commando.