Search tool in 9.3.0: new layout?

Just making sure I’m not missing something. It appears the search tool in 9.3.0 is much more compact (see screenshot). It’s docked to the bottom panel and labels for things such as the ‘match case’ checkbox only appear on mouseover. Is this the only layout for the search box, or is there an option for a more expanded layout such as in previous versions? Although the lack of labels was a bit perplexing at first, I think I prefer the compact layout, but was just curious if there are options. Thanks.

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Yep, it was overhauled. But you appear to be using a custom skin, probably Tabula Rasa? Custom skins will need to be updated to support the changes in 9.3, for now you may be better off using the default skin until the custom skins have been updated.

I’ll probably be taking a look at Tabula Rasa this weekend.

Actually it’s Abyss. And yes, using the default skin reveals new icons instead of checkboxes as shown below. That’s nice to know, thanks.

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I noticed this too and I’m also using Abyss.